a milewide

my little soapbox

Hello World v3.0

Well - I’ve always been here… Just maybe a little quieter.

I think I’m done being quiet. Nothing really holding me back anymore but myself. I feel the need to create things, yet I spend so much of my time spinning the wheels without putting the nose to the grindstone. Maybe afraid to launch? Afraid of some kind of failure? Who knows…

I think I fail a little bit everyday already. But lately this failure has been punctuated with tiny victories. This is enough to make me want to open the doors and maybe share a little bit of myself with the world. I’m surely not the smartest guy you’ll meet,not the best husband and father, nor the best programmer, nor even someone worth listening to.

No one is forcing you read this!

So here we go.

There really isn’t going to be a theme or anything. Expect pure brain dump (it is going to be messy). There is no ‘content strategy’ here. I might go on about movies you can’t find, music you won’t want to hear, political fringes, do my part to recycle internet memes, fold some tinfoil hats, maybe throw in a bit of computer nerdery and philosophy into the mix. But you probably won’t find too much useful here… Some things longer than tumble and other things as short as goo.gl - wait and see! I guess somebody could find something useful someday.

I’ll bring back the dead by visiting archive.org soon. Until then enjoy feeding on some of my other distributed internet output.